Bikelordz: Stunts and Styles from Accra, Ghana

Photo via Bike Lordz

A few years ago, my friend Mikey Hart was living in Accra, Ghana, working on a music archiving grant. He became interested in some of the unique bicycle culture developing there and began filming. The result is Bikelordz, a short documentary about the acrobatic, dance-heavy, BMX stylings found on the streets of Accra. He’s created a Kickstarter campaign to help complete the final production and support a return trip to benefit local riders. The campaign ends in two weeks, so check out the site soon if you’d like to pledge your support for this film. Trailer below:

Bikelordz : Stunts and Styles from Accra, Ghana from Bikelordz on Vimeo.

  • Frederik De Clercq

    When and how can we see the documentary?